Post Jam V3 - Small Update

This week was a short week for me. Didn't put the time I wanted so only a small level was made. Still that doesn't mean I did only a level. I experimented with some new features that will maybe (if ready) be launch in the v4 next week. Also, with that new level I experimented with  the height in levels. I would like to add some movement actions like platforming, etc. In that line of thought I changed a bit the walking to make it a bit more responsive, I'll need to put more time in movement overall to make jump and run more fun.

In conclusion V3 has:

  • Movement more responsive.
  • An additional level (4 total)
  • First multi height level

What next ?

  • Better movement
  • Platforming
  • Surprise (Currently working on)


NeonAdrenalinePostJam_v2.7z 52 MB
Jul 21, 2017

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